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Covid 19...Dear Customers....

Covid 19 CORONA Virus * Has essentially halted Gallery Frame Shop from doing anything close to what we were doing just weeks ago. We are however, very versatile, and will overcome. My name is Rob and Gallery Frame Shop has been my baby since I left the US Navy in my younger years. As of three weeks ago we were increasing our sales annually and had framed significant portions of historic New Zealand Artwork and photography in both the museum sector and the private collections around the country.As a Framer I take my life's calling very seriously and as I have breath in my lungs I will frame, and finish framing, these beautiful Artworks and memories. During this time I am looking to sell a number of my prized Artworks and memorabilia at a fraction of thier cost. If you would like to support me in my efforts to frame in my bubble and continue my preservation work, please purchase a few things to keep me 'Open' during these uncertain times. I really thank you, I make Art for people, I frame Art for people, without you I have little but together we can fix things. Thank you - Rob

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